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February 2020 I Corinna 

Team DeftFox: Hi Ivelina. How are you doing today?

Ivelina: I’m very well, thanks for asking.

Team DeftFox: Tell us a few words about yourself, for those who are not familiar with your eSports career.

Ivelina: My name is Ivelina and I'm a 29 year old Bulgarian girl who currently resides in Sweden. I've been a CounterStrike player since 2008 and have attended various international events throughout the years such as ESWC, CPH Games, Intel Challenge, GirlGamers and DreamHack.

Team DeftFox: The 2020 seasons kicked off with the announcement that you signed at a new organization. What was the reason for your decision to join Team DeftFox?

Ivelina: We had a really good time in Demise but since the team was kind of falling apart me and Nessa decided to rebuild it. We kept Nast1a and brought back Kim. We needed an awper so Candy was an easy choice. Even though I have played with all the players before the current line up still feels completely new to each of us. We were looking for something fresh like a new beginning for all of us therefore Team DeftFox was a great option for us. We are happy to be a part of an organisation that we trust and is ready to support us and help us reach our goals.

Team DeftFox: What are your goals for 2020?

Ivelina: Nessa and I are really hoping to win a title during 2020.

Team DeftFox: You have been playing CS:GO for almost 10 years, after such a long time how do you manage to focus and get yourself motivated?

Ivelina: I love CS:GO but I think it’s the drive for competing. It feels good when the time you spend practicing pays off. It’s fun being on TeamSpeak with your teammates and then getting the chance to travel to different countries with them and do what you all love. When there is an event I always put everything aside and fully focus on CS. It can be hard sometimes because for all these 10 years I don’t remember once that I was invited to a tournament, so I always had to battle my way throughout multiple qualifiers and that can be very stressful. I feel bad for my boyfriend sometimes because its like 2 weeks that I’m breathing, living and dreaming CS and he needs to take over all the housewife responsibilities for me :D It’s a lot of pressure because you never know if you will make it and it can be really disappointing when you fail, but it takes time and you recover and you just bounce back for the next challenge.

Team DeftFox: Most of your team have been together for quite a while. How would you describe the relationship to your teammates?

Ivelina: Well, as I mentioned it still feels very new to us playing together. However, we are all grown ups, we have set a goal and we have agreed on how we want to achieve it. We are all on the same page and we have good communication between each other. Everyone is very respectful towards another. We believe in our abilities and individual skill and we trust each other fully. We do work on our mistakes and try to fix them but we are trying to not judge each other. I think we are all enjoying the game right now and our practices are something I’m always looking forward to.

Team DeftFox: What do you think, who will be your toughest opponent this year?

Ivelina: Uh I can’t really answer that one. Kinda excited to see if CLG will dominate 2020 or is ex-BSK gonna have that unstoppable line-up like back in the days. I can’t wait to play any of the top teams and I hope we will have the chance to do so.

Team DeftFox: Let's digress a little from eSports. What are you doing besides CS:GO?

Ivelina: I have a part time job as a maid in a hotel and when I’m not at work I’m just taking care of our family and myself. I recently got back to the gym grind and I’m trying to stay as active as possible which means I’m taking long walks with our dog to reach my daily step goal haha.

Team DeftFox: Would you like to leave a message to the Team DeftFox’s fans?

Ivelina: I want to thank everyone for the nice responses we have been getting after announcing the new line up and I hope we won’t disappoint any of our supporters. Also big thanks to Team DeftFox for taking care of us :)


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