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March 2020 I Corinna 

Interview with Kim

Team DeftFox:  Hi Sophia. How you are doing today?

Sophia: Hello ! Feeling great, hope you doing fine too!

Team DeftFox: Tell us a few words about yourself, for those who are not very familiar with your eSports career.

Sophia: So my nickname is Kim, my real name is Sophia Benfakir. I am French and  live in Paris. I am 27 years old and currently studying  Chinese at the University. I am support/entry for our roster, but I am also the clown of the team haha!

I think I am a part of those people who got really lucky to play competitive right after starting the game. After 1 year and a few month I won my first tournament which was ESWC France and at the same tournament I managed to get TOP 4. I would say that, 2018 was my best year, we managed to top 1 twice, top 2 once and top 4 once.

Team DeftFox: For how long have you been playing CS:GO and what was your greatest success during your career?

Sophia: I don't remember exactly when I started but I would say approx. 6 years. I started to play CS: source where I just played some mods like zombie escape or mini games. 1 year after Global Offensive was out I decided to switch and focus more on the competitive side of the game.

Team DeftFox:  What do you think makes a good CS:GO pro player?

Sophia: Of course talent, but other than that, it is very important to work and always seek to improve yourself. Let's say you can record yourself playing and re-watch it for example. Also, it is very important (which was a problem I had sometimes) is to enjoy the game and be in a good environment. Emotions play a big part in this. Finally, ACCEPT criticisms: VERY hard but if a mate tells you that you are doing something wrong its not to trash talk you but to help you!

Team DeftFox:  What are your plans when you retire from pro? Would you still want to be in eSports?

Sophia: Hmmm I have many plans, I actually for example love to learn languages and travel and discover new areas. So I see myself travelling a lot around the world, and even work in another country than France. Would be sooo nice to be able to still work in e-sport. I wish that!  May be e-sport in Asia :p

Team DeftFox:  How many years or hours of training does it took to be a pro player? Do you have any recommendation for young players?

Sophia: It depends to be honest. I would say at least 5h. For example I usually play around 4 to 5 h, but if I play too much then I completely rek myself and thats where I end up playing very bad. I would say try to play the same amount of time and not only train your aim but also the less funny part which is learning smokes flashes etc.

Team DeftFox:  Are you excited about the upcoming Copenhagen Games? Do you think you have a shot at winning the title?

Sophia: I am super excited, I love Copenhagen Games every year I attend this event. I think we have the potential to win, everything will depend on how serious we are and how much we are going to work to make this happen !

Team DeftFox:  Let's digress a little from the eSports? What are you doing besides CS:GO?

Sophia: Besides CS:GO I go to university, learning Chinese. I also started a month ago to workout 4 days a week. I dance bachata and kizomba one time per week. I have a pretty busy weekly schedule haha.

Team DeftFox:  Would you like to leave a message to the Team Deft Fox’s fans and friends?

Sophia: Would like to thanks everyone that support us and follow us through this journey. Hope we don't disappoint you, but i don't think we will :P. And always remember you are beautiful!


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