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March 2020 I Corinna 

Interview with Nast1a

Team DeftFox: Hi Anastasiia. How you are doing today?

Anastasiia: I'm great! Thanks :)

Team DeftFox: Tell us a few words about yourself, for those who are not very familiar with your eSports career.

Anastasia: My name is Anastasiia (short form is Nastia) I'm 27 and I live in Moscow, Russia. I've been playing CS since 2007 and it was just for fun, I play competitive since 2014, my first LAN event (ESWC) was in the end of 2014. After that I played in other LAN tournaments such as Copenhagen Games, Starladder and others. My biggest victory was at WESG 2017 where I took 1st place  with Russian Forces team with my current teammate Candy.

Team DeftFox: You are doing professional eSport for several  years. How did you get into eSports?

Anastasiia: As I said before, I played CS 1.6 only 4fun until 2011. Most of the time on public servers and it was enough for me. I didn't know the world of tournaments. Then in 2011 I met a girl on a website brablay (there were lots of memes for gamers) she had a team and she asked me to try out, but we only played online cups and tournaments. Then I met more and more girls and switched teams, played as standin at some LAN tournaments, etc. and somehow I got where I am now. So connections are important in CS!

Team DeftFox: What does your typical day look like?

Anastasiia: After I eat breakfast I either go to gym (but it's only 2 times per week) or I warmup in CSGO before practice with my team or I play faceit with friends if we don't have practice. During the day I also do some work as Social Media Manager and I stream on twitch ( but mostly in the late evenings) . My day starts late because I always struggle with sleeping schedule and I go to bed really late.

Team DeftFox: What would you have done if you hadn't pursued a professional esports career?

Anastasiia: I can't imagine myself  being not a part of esport, but I studied international relations in university, so my career would be connected with languages and politics.

Team DeftFox: Besides CSGO what is your favorite game?

Anastasiia: I love DOTA2. I also play GTA5 RP sometimes.

Team DeftFox: Let's digress a little from the eSports? I know you are a big stranger things fan. Are you excited about the upcoming season 4?

Anastasiia: Of course! The name "From Russia with love.." on the trailer of it makes it even more exciting :)


Team DeftFox: Would you like to leave a message to the Team Deft Fox’s fans and friends?

Anastasiia: Thanks to everyone who follows me and supports me during my whole CS career. Thanks to Team DeftFox for taking care of us. Don't miss our streams on !!!:)


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