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February 2020 I Corinna 

Interview with Nessa

Team DeftFox: Hi Nessa. How are you doing today?

Vanessa: Hello! I'm doing absolutely great today.

Team DeftFox: Tell us a few words about yourself, for those who are not familiar with your eSports career.

Vanessa: My nick is Nessa from my name Vanessa and I played csgo since late 2015, so almost for 5 years now. I started off in a small Swedish female team and after that I started playing with international lineups and have never looked back!

Team DeftFox: You are doing professional eSport for over 5 years. How did you get into eSports?

Vanessa: I started off playing casual games like Minecraft, but got bored because of the lack of competitiveness, then I discovered league of legends that I played for some years but never really got me hooked, my friend then introduced me to CS:GO and since then I’ve been hooked!

Team DeftFox: What does it takes to become a professional gamer and what advice do you have for others hoping to break into eSports?

Vanessa: Play as much as u can, but don’t waste your hours on things that won't make you a better player. It's important to have fun but for me the fun comes from learning new things and I think the hunger for that is very important.

Team DeftFox: How often are you practicing and what are your methods prior to tournaments?

Vanessa: I play cs personally every day and then we pracc with the team on top of that. Personally, I find my best form if I'm on 100+ hours the past two weeks and when I play a lot of pugs. Playing pugs makes it easier to take fast decisions, have better crosshair placement and better movement later in the tournaments.

Team DeftFox: I notice you stream as well as play competitively. How do you balance your time between streaming versus participating in eSports?

Vanessa: For me streaming is a way to connect with viewers and followers of mine and also practice playing, since I mainly stream myself playing solo Q in pugs it's always a competitive environment on the stream.

Team DeftFox: Do you think streaming is a valuable resource for esport players to utilize?

Vanessa: Its super important! It's great fun connecting with other people but I also think it's important to let potential fans and followers get to know u. It can make you stand out from the rest of the players in the scene.

Team DeftFox: What are your goals for this 2020?

Vanessa: Winning a tournament is my number 1 goal this year.

Team DeftFox: Let's digress a little from the eSports? You are posting a lot of workout pictures on your Instagram account. How often do you go to the gym and how do you motivate yourself during the cold days?

Vanessa: I think it's important to take care of your body outside of gaming, since I spend so much time sitting down in front of the pc I would prob explode if I didn’t go to the gym afterwards. I also strongly believe that working out makes you a better player and that alone is enough motivation usually! If I need more motivation, I usually reward myself with a nice meal after the workout.

Team DeftFox: Would you like to leave a message to the Team DeftFox’s fans and friends?

Vanessa: Thank you for supporting us and hopefully we can make you proud this year!


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