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February 2021 I Jakob

Looking back at the month February:

It is not an overreaction to say the past month has been frantic and extremely exciting in Team DeftFox. New faces have joined, we have had talk shows, podcasts, community games and many other activities with our fans. There has been a lot of action in all departments, with both losses and wins, and heads are held high for the upcoming month where even more action awaits our players. Still, there is a lot to keep in your head, so here is a quick rundown of what happened in all the different departments of Team DeftFox.

Our Rainbow Six Siege team started their journey and competing in the Spanish National League, where they’ve played two games in February. They lost the first game against Movistar Riders. A loss, yes, but a very notable experience for our team to play versus one of the top organisation in Spain.
The next game the played was an really unfortunately lost. This time La Guarderia took them down in a battle. However, it was a great experience for the team regardless of the defeat. Both games understandably came with a lot of pressure on the boys. These were the first games on the big stage for all of them!
As a result of these two losses, we are currently last place with 0 points and will go up versus favorites Mavericks on the 2nd of March. The hopes are high, since we signed a new coach for the team, by the name of Br4n.DFX! Hopefully he can take the team to the next level for the upcoming prestige match.


In League of Legends our team finished the Telia eSports league in Finland with 11-3 in games, only behind all time favorites NYYRIKKI who currently stands undefeated in the league with a 14-0 win-streak. After a victory in the playoffs versus team PHZ, we are now playing the final versus NYYRIKKI on the 1st of March, which will be one of the highlights of the whole months for the team. Telia Masters starting on the 8th of March for a chance to get promotion to NLC. There are several well known organisations playing in Telia Master, making it a great opportunity for our boys to show what they are really made of.


In the CS:GO department, the team is currently competing in ESEA Intermediate and currently stands with 8-4 in matches, which places us around 30th place in the league. Continuing with this form, we will make it to the playoffs for a chance to qualify for the higher league next season, ESEA Main. Many tough matches versus very notable teams, which is only great for the newly formed team. On the 8th of March, Division 1 of 99Damage League will finally start, and will be the highlight for the whole season for the team. Playing in the 1st division is very prestige, and there are several good teams competing alongside us, such as No Limit, Unicorns of Love, BIG academy and so on. This is a chance to show what we can pull off, for sure!

Meanwhile, DeftFox Black played the M2Play Cup but lost the first round. More challenges are waiting ahead for them, so heads are kept high.

We decided to pick up a female team after being in talks with their captain, but only for one event. The event was the Ambush Winter Cup, where the team saw mild success but still finished last in the group with a 1-2 score in matches, therefore not qualifying for the playoffs. Since the assembly was just a mix team, the girls have now separated and are looking for new opportunities in the female scene.


Outside the game departments there are also exciting projects being worked on within the organisation itself. For example, a new merch collection will soon see its first light, as well as a community tournament system being organised. We think we can pull off some great things for our fans, so be patient!